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National Single Tasking Day –But is Multi-Tasking Even Possible?

In this ‘busy’ society that we live in, multitasking feels like a given in order for us to keep up with the many different tasks and roles that we play. There never seems to be enough time in one day to do everything that we ‘need’ to do.

National Single Tasking Day, celebrated on February 22nd, is a day to get things done, one at a time. It is often joked about how men can’t multitask, yet women do it so well. Yet based on extensive research, the brain cannot multitask, meaning no one can actually do it.


Why Do Our Minds Love A Good Story?

Storytelling is commonly used at events to share an experience, deliver a presentation and also forms part of our everyday life. From telling friends and family stories of what just happened, to movies and television and now to social media, this is all storytelling at its best, and it continues to captivate the human race. 

What is it about storytelling that captures us and can completely change the message we are either delivering or receiving? What is the relationship between storytelling and our mind?

Silencing the Imposter Voice

That imposter voice is within all of us. Yes, every single one of us has the ability for the inner imposter to kick in and many of us have experienced it at least once or twice, myself included.

I’ve worked with many amazingly talented people over the years and while they might look polished and completely confident on the exterior, that voice in their head is still questioning their ability. 

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Networking. Authentic? Or Fake and Pretentious?

The number of networking groups and platforms continue to rise in all parts of the world bringing like-minded people together based on their: purpose, challenges, growth opportunities, hobbies, gender, race… the list goes on. Most days of the year, there is some type of networking opportunity that can be found, with online network platforms such as LinkedIn available 24/7.

The elephant in the room is this: how authentic are these human interactions and relationships or are they simply fake and pretentious?

Emotional Intelligence is Mark McGowan's Secret Weapon

The latest COVID cluster has had emotions peaking across Perth and Peel, with everything from fear to rage being felt in the community. And while WA Premier Mark McGowan has shown several occasions of emotional intelligent skills in dealing with the reactions from the Perth community, this doesn’t make him ‘emotionally intelligent’. He is choosing to leverage his emotional intelligence in his decision making.

Do or Do Not- There is No 'Try'

So, let’s make it clear upfront that I am not Star Wars fan, yet I can’t go past the wisdom in Yoda’s quote: “Do or do not – there is no try”. Given a whole day (21st May) is dedicated to Talk Like Yoda, I couldn’t help but to use this opportunity to talk about one of my favourite things and that is the emotional undertone of the words we use, especially the word ‘try’.

The word ‘try’ is similar to ‘maybe’. Our subconscious mind already knows the answer. Our subconscious mind already knows that it’s highly unlikely or we don’t really want to do it and given our subconscious mind is like our best friend, it will make sure that is exactly what happens.

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Emotional Intelligence within Workplace Bullying

We are all familiar with workplace bullying. Whether it be that you have experienced it, witnessed it or heard about it.

It’s a topic that is thankfully receiving a great deal of focus by many workplaces and society in general. This article is not another article about the statistics, instead let’s talk about the role that EI plays within workplace bullying and the drivers leading to it occurring in the first place.

Change Management using E.I.

Some of our most common fears are ‘fear of the unknown’ and ‘fear of loss of control’. Change challenges both of these fears as we take ourselves out of our comfort zone, learn new ways of doing things and at times, rewire our brain relating to our actions, emotional drivers and outcomes.

The most effective way to implement change or to support others going through change, is to leverage our E.I. skills to understand what each person’s emotional driver is and at what stage of the mindset disrupt process they are at. Change is only effective when people buy in to the change and own it in their subconscious mind.


What Should Businesses Be Doing Post-Pandemic?

There is a lot of talk throughout every Industry of what the new ‘normal’ will look like, and what businesses should be doing in order to make it through the other end. The conversations within Government and Senior Leaders of organisations are shifting from containment and avoidance of COVID, to balancing the economy and a potential recession.

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Underperformers in the Workplace

We’ve all been here before. We’ve either worked alongside them, lead them, been served by (or encountered them in a workplace where we are the customer), or we are them.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys what they do or are aware of their purpose every morning when they wake up. These are two of the most common causes of underperformance in the workplace.


Halloween: Why Do Australians Want to Celebrate A Tradition That Isn't Ours?

With Halloween just around the corner, many of us are bracing for an influx of our worst fears all in the one night, including clowns! But does the Halloween celebration belong in Australia? Why are so many Australian’s now celebrating Halloween and what is the underlying emotional driver?

3 Drinks, a Work Function and a Lost Promotion

It’s that time of year, work functions are in full swing, and our emotional intelligence (or lack of) can get us into a lot of trouble. Or at the very least, some awkward moments.

As the first drink leads to a second, then a third, conversations become extremely personal and honest as we unleash our subconscious mind. Before we know it, we are deep in conversation with our manager about why we deserve a pay rise or tell Susan exactly what we think of her.

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Happy Christmas (War is Over)Or is it?

Christmas is usually the time we bring family together to celebrate and share the love. Why is it that when the festive season is supposed to be the most magical and loving period can instead evolve into the most stressful, and cause more harm than good to our relationships?

For a 24 – 48 hour period, we hope to either see or speak to those nearest and dearest to us as we house-hop from one family to the other or even attempt to bring everyone together in the one house... But even the best intentions can go pear shaped….


The E.I. Behind New Year ResolutionsWhy Do Some Work and Others Don't?

The 1st of January is known as the traditional time to set new resolutions or goals with aspirations for the year to be amazing or even the best yet! World-wide research shows that, approximately 80% of people set a new year resolution with Australia following this trend at 79%. On average, less than 10% of people achieve these resolutions or goals. Why? Why do some people succeed and others not?

The Return To Work Hangover

Returning to work can be a struggle for many to find where to start and where all of our motivation is hiding! For some, we were itching to get back to work. The kids/partner/mother-in-law were driving us crazy or we were stuck in isolation and now craving some structure and work back into our day.

For others, returning to work is like having a hangover that lasts for days, or even weeks! The only thing that got us through December was knowing we were taking a break and now that we are back, it’s all the same as when we left. The same people, the same problems and the same boredom.

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It's Ok To Have A Sh!t Day

We have no control over anything that happens in this world except for ourselves. For this simple reason, some days won’t be amazing. In fact, some days could potentially be really sh!t.

We don’t have to pretend like we are positive and happy every minute of every day to live a great life, to be a great person or to show high emotional intelligence.

That's Not The Person I Hired

Many of us have been here before. We go through the interview and hiring process happy with our final choice, only to be confused months later thinking “Who is this person? This is not the person that I thought I hired!”

The hiring process is not a fun time for many leaders. If we are looking for someone new to join the team, it’s highly likely we currently have too much work and not enough people. Whether it’s due to a team member moving on or to fantastic business growth, time is usually something we don’t have a lot of, yet the whole hiring process is extremely time consuming and expensive.

More Of A Hindrance Than A Help

That feeling of relief when the hiring process is finally over, the offer is made and accepted with a start date set. Relief that the gap has been filled, the workload is about to balance out, or the exciting list of innovations and ideas will be finally implemented. This feeling of relief is quickly hit by the reality.

From a new employee first day through to at least the end of their probation, can be a time consuming and highly stressful time for both the employer and employee. The new employee is generally more of a hinderance than a help while training is rolled out, they learn the strategy and purpose of their new role and become part of the culture. Most new employees actually cost the organisation money during this period.