Emotional Intelligence for Event Organisers

I’ve seen and worked with many fine presenters and facilitators over the years and Amy is amongst the best.

Steve Halbert
Managing Director, Austral Risk Services

Emotional Intelligence Keynote Speaker 

Are you looking for an Emotional Intelligence Keynote Speaker who will BLOW your audience away? 

Look no further. 

Amy shares the key skills to challenge each person to disrupt their mindset and deliver what they are truly capable of through her 5 part methodology: Own It, Face It, Feel It, Ask It and Drive it.

Every Keynote that Amy offers is custom designed and adaptable- they can be delivered individually focusing on each part of the methodology and its direct relevance to your industry or together with the depth of each concept determined by the available time-frame.

Amy is an Emotional Intelligence Speaker based in Perth, Western Australia and is available to travel, facilitating events across Australia and internationally. 

Own It

face it

Feel It

Ask it

drive it

Popular EI Topics 

  • Simplifying Emotional Intelligence for the workplace
  • Understanding and developing the characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent people
  • Leveraging the subconscious mind to resolve the underlying problem
  • Developing resiliency & re-framing techniques
  •  Smashing through self-doubt & fear
  • Understanding what makes other people 'tick'
  • Mastering the greatest leadership skill: Empathy
  • The 3 stages and styles of Adaptable Leadership using EI
  • Adaptability in Leadership to suit all times and all people
  • Creating the balanced team with an 'ownership mindset'
  • Utilising the emotional undertone of words to influence through communication
  • Having the tough conversations in a 5 step approach
  • Email etiquette & influencing using E.I
  • The fine line between our passion and egotistical mind
  • Approaching sales & decision making through modalities
  • Rewiring our brain to achieve targets
  • 6 Steps to Empowerment, not Delegation
  • The Importance of EI in an AI world
  • How to leverage the mind to achieve peak performance & avoid burnout or overwhelm

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