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The only word that comes to mind after a session with Amy is mind-blowing. Peeling back why you do what you do, then piecing it all back together is unnerving and equally settling at the same time.

Marija Muccilli
Employee Relations Manager, Seven West Media

Do you want to grow your EI? 

Do you want to better control your emotional responses?

Are you looking for purpose and motivation at work? 

Are you interested in understanding what makes other people tick, how to be a great leader and form quality relationships?

Explore the options below to see how Amy can help you really challenge yourself and see what you are truly capable of. 


Level Me Up

Up until now, this popular program has only been available to organisations for group bookings

However, one of the questions that I am always asked is;

"How can I experience your program as an individual?" 

So here it is! This program is aligned to my 5 part methodology, Disrupting Mindsets to Increase Performance, Engagement and Ownership, as detailed in my book.

'Emotional Intelligence'

Amy is excited to share her new book with you, 

'Emotional Intelligence- A simple and actionable guide to increasing performance, engagement and ownership'.

Available globally, in hard copy, e-book and audio book, Emotional Intelligence is a must-read to add to your personal development collection!

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