You asked, and we have delivered!

You can now experience our highly acclaimed program that has been increasing performance, engagement and ownership in organisations globally- as an individual.

Limited spaces available – please contact us to book your spot!

Yes, you read that right!

Up until now, this popular program has only been available to organisations for group bookings

However, one of the questions that I am always asked is;

"How can I experience your program as an individual?"

So here it is! 

This 100% digital 'open-to-public' group program , split over 5 sessions, is aligned to my 5 part methodology, Disrupting Mindsets to Increase Performance, Engagement and Ownership, as detailed in my book.

What will you learn? 

How to simplify Emotional Intelligence and turn it into easy and actionable items in the workplace

How to respond in an emotionally intelligent way to each situation and circumstance

Build a level of empathy and an understanding of the emotional undertone of words in order to communicate, inspire and educate others

How to leverage your EI to determine the long-term impact on your relationships and success

Who is this program for?

Individuals who are looking to increase their emotional intelligence

Curious minds who want to build and leverage their emotional intelligence

Designed for EI in the workplace, however based on feedback we know that this will impact your life in all areas

People who want to increase performance, ownership and engagement in the workplace


Monday 14th February-

3.00- 4.30pm AWST


Identifying the 5 key factors of EI and their benefits.

Understanding, measuring and developing the characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent People

Leveraging the subconscious mind to resolve the underlying problem

Tuesday 15th February-

3.00- 4.30pm AWST


Taking control of our emotional response in all situations

Facing and breaking through our biggest limitations and fears to achieve greatness

Developing resiliency and reframing techniques utilising our triggers

Wednesday 16th February-

3.00- 4.30pm AWST


Understanding what makes other people 'tick' and mastering the greatest skill: Empathy

6 Steps to empowerment, not delegation or dictatorship

Leveraging a balanced team with an ‘ownership mindset’ – no ‘cookie cutter’ approach!

Thursday 17th February-

3.00- 4.30pm AWST


Utilising the emotional undertone of words to influence

Having the tough conversations  utilising our modalities

The fine line between our passion and egotistical mind : the need to be right

Friday 18th February-

3.00- 4.30pm AWST


Rewiring our brain to achieve targets

The impacts of goal setting on the emotional brain

How to the leverage the mind to achieve peak performance and avoid the burnout or overwhelm


Access to 5 digital

group sessions with Amy

Interactive Bookmark


Personalised, signed copy of

 'Emotional Intelligence'

Downloadable Workbook

Q&A with Amy throughout

the course

Challenges and activities between sessions

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Discuss with Amy how the Level Me Up Program will suit your needs and help you grow through the power of Emotional Intelligence.

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