It's Time to Level Up 

What if, we approached some of the most time consuming and challenging people processes and applied the foundations of how our mind works to make the process more efficient?

Level Up is exactly this.

Working with HR and Recruitment processes, it’s time to inject the EI element into three of our greatest challenges as Leaders and Business Owners:

  • The Interview Process
  • Onboarding and Promotions
  • Under Performance

Many of us have been here before. We go through the interview and hiring process making our final choice, only to be confused months later thinking “Who is this person? This is not the person that I thought I hired!” 

A hiring process without EI, runs the risk of:

  • Our subconscious mind hiring people the same as us. 
  • Candidates bluffing situational and behavioural questions.

Our article here outlines the issues faced with interviewing and finding the right team members.

Level Up Key Deliverables:

  • Interview preparation for interviewers bringing EI into the process to avoid hiring clones.
  • EI Consultant to sit in on interview providing insight into the candidates core EI profile and the environment they will work best in to avoid interview bluffing.

Onboarding and the probation period can be time consuming, highly stressful resulting in high costs with little return. 

A great onboarding and training program is tough to nail with:

  • Existing team members under pressure to train new starters.
  • Training delivered in the style that works for the trainer, not the new team member.
  • A bored new employee that is constantly asking what to do next and feeling useless.


Read our article which explains why implementing EI in the  process is crucial for success.

Level Up Key Deliverables:

  • Modality Assessment and Emotional Profile detailing the most efficient style of training and leadership for new employee.
  • Detailed Induction/Training Plan that the new employee OWNS creating accountability and fast tracking learning.

Managing under performance has got to be one of the toughest parts of being a leader and quite often triggers the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism in both the Leader and the team member.

Too often these conversations and approaches become:

  • Highly scripted and process driven to protect the people and organisations involved. 
  • Lose the human element and create defensive 'looping' responses.

Here is our article that defines how best to approach these issues that leaders face.

Level Up Key Deliverables:

  • Preparation and creation of clear communication plan leveraging EI for the Leader to address the underperformance.
  • Support to coach, deliver, mediate and implement the proposed plan based on the desired outcome.

What our clients say...

My people doing the best they can possibly do at interviews, whether they are asking the questions or responding, is at the forefront of my intent for their personal and professional development. So many have the technical capabilities for any job, role or position they apply for but where they don’t give themselves the best chance of securing such or even for promotion, is how they perform at interview.

I have used Amy a number of times to talk to my team as well as our inter-agency mentor program and she has also presented on this subject at the WA Police Academy to a state-wide audience. Her content and delivery style and how emotional intelligence is a crucial consideration, is outstanding and recipients of such have reported it being thoroughly worthwhile, with some even crediting it for improved performance and securing what they were after.

Geoff Stewart / District Superintendent WAPOL


Amy’s coaching and support was so valuable in helping me to understand how my leadership approach impacts my team, and how I could make some simple tweaks to make positive changes. When faced with a particular performance issue in my team, she guided me through the process of understanding where and why behaviours were surfacing, the complexity of the relationships impacted and approaches to take.

Amy has a wonderful ability to keep a group engaged. Her relatable examples make it easy to digest the EI principals and how you can put them to practice. Both at work and home.

A year on and people in my team still recount some of the takeaways from her workshop.

Connagh Hopkins / Head of Function WESTERN POWER

I was privileged enough to work with Amy Jacobson and the Finding Your 'y' team and it was one of the best things I have ever done. Amy and her team literally helped me take my EI to the next level! This is something that they offer, deliver on and excel at and I couldn’t recommend them more highly. The experience of working one-on-one and in a group environment was instrumental in helping me grow both personally and professionally. In addition to that, being a part of the program enabled me to share, be vulnerable and grow as a result of being in a safe space that encouraged deep exploration and development. Thank you Amy for your kindness and care and mainly for challenging me when I needed it! Not a lot of people know how to do this well, but your ability to read the situation and know when to push was something that I have never experienced before AND it was this that encouraged my greatest change and growth. 

Kim Huckerby / Mental Health Specialist THE WELLBEING EFFECT

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